Congratulations Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo on receiving an Edward JC Hossie Leadership Award

Ana Elia

The Edward JC Hossie Leadership Award endowed by the estate of Edward J Hossie supports students who have demonstrated leadership through volunteerism, community service, and/or campus activities.  Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo is one of three recipients of the university-wide competition for 2015-16.

Ana Elia has a long and varied record of volunteering, community service and leadership activities.  Some of these activities include co-organizing the first student-led CONFOR West conference, co-organizing a women´s day on the roles of women in forestry, mentoring and facilitating arts workshops at the Power of Hope youth camp to empower youth at risk, co-founding (and current secretary) of a non-governmental organization CEHDA, and co-organizing and facilitating the First Socio-Environmental Summer Academy in Latin America in the Dominican Republic. Through Ana Elia’s organizational and fundraising support CEHDA provides jobs to 5 staff in Ghana to improve the living conditions of families raising children who have lost their biological parents. In 2014 Ana Elia fundraised on her own over 1,000 Euros from supporters of CEHDA’s campaign.

Ana Elia’s PhD investigates the importance of social capital and social networks to conserve forests and empower rural communities in Ghana.  She is currently co-directing a short film about socio-environmental justice in Guatemala.