Bill Reid Looplex X Canoe Installation Ceremony

At a staggering 53 feet in length, the Looplex X is slightly larger than a full grown humpback whale.  It is one of four replicas of the “Lootas”, or “wave-eater”, which was carved by Bill Reid for the 1986 Vancouver Expo.

The Looplex X was donated to the First Nations House of Learning by Martine Reid and Don Martin.  Extensive restoration work was done by several people, including  Haida Hereditary Chief and renowned artist James Hart and artist apprentices John Brent Bennett, Brandon Brown, Mary Hart and Carl Hart. The Centre for Advanced Wood Processing’s Lawrence Günther helped restore sections of the canoe damaged by dry rot.

With permission from the First Nations House of Learning, the Musqueam people, and the Haida people, The Looplex X now hangs in the Forest Sciences Centre as an art installation.   The Faculty of Forestry hopes that this canoe will serve as a symbol of the relationship between the Faculty and First Nations.

An installation ceremony will be held in the Forest Sciences Centre atrium November 23, 2016 from 4-6pm.

Learn more on the UBC Aboriginal Portal.