Update from the Alex Fraser Research Forest

On July 7, 2017 a dry lightning storm went through the Cariboo, touching off many wildfires, including seven fires within the Gavin Lake Block of the Alex Fraser Research Forest. More than a month has gone by and six of the seven fires are still under active suppression. For current information about the status of the wildfires, visit the BC Wildfire Status website.

The UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest is 10,000 hectares of crown land managed by UBC Forestry to provide teaching and research opportunities in natural resource sciences.  The Research Forests are self-supporting based primarily upon a sustainable harvest of timber for sale in the log market.  Research activities are diverse in subject matter and duration, followed for one season or many decades, and investigating topics as widely ranging as plantation silviculture, forensic entomology, and fire history.

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of the Alex Fraser Research Forest.  In that time we have built an impressive teaching and research facility.  The fires of 2017 have certainly impacted our future, but they will also provide new opportunities for research and education.

Ken Day 
Manager, Alex Fraser Research Forest
August 11, 2017