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Ian Mott

BSCN-FYBR Solutions I am working as a GIS analyst for Vancouver-based geo-analytics company FYBR Solutions. FYBR provides clients in the forestry industry with services and training in the acquisition of drone imagery and then uses photogrammetry and spectral analysis to derive useful information from that data. My time here has helped me expand my knowledge […]

Zhiyun Cheng

BSFS-Okayama University In the fall of 2018, I was lucky enough to work in Okayama University, Japan. Here, I was able to work in different companies or labs with each one focused on different areas. So far, I had worked in forestry sectors including forest management, forest ecology research, and carpentry. In this picture, you […]

Victoria Diederichs

Victoria Diederichs

BSF-Industrial Forestry Services I have been working on a timber cruising contract on the northern tip of Williston Lake. As a timber cruiser, I am responsible for completing thorough, efficient plots so that the data can be used in the management planning for that block and area. After work, I mostly live in remote tent […]