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Aliya Khan

BSCN – US Department of Interior Over the course of the last 12 weeks, I have participated in a number of projects for the NPS; however, my primary task has been to conduct field work and write the preliminary report for a study on the effects of deer browse in the Big Meadows Swamp (BMS), […]

Steven Villegas

BSCN – UBC Geering Up This summer I have been fortunate enough to be traveling to and working with multiple indigenous communities around BC in planning for and delivering a science-based week-long curriculum that I developed for grades K-7 as part of my position as an Outreach Instructor at Geering Up. After taking plant biology, […]

Aaron McArthur

Aaron McArthur

Wood – Tolko OSB Division,   I spent my first work term working at Tolko’s Meadow Lake OSB mill.  I have been working as a lab process technician, primarily tasked with helping to fine tune a fines detection system. During my time with Tolko I spent a great deal of time seeing how a OSB mill […]