Emily Dang (Urban Forestry)

BUF РFujian Agriculture and Forestry University 

For my fifth and final Co-op work term this summer, I was fortunate enough to work abroad in China at one of UBC Forestry’s partnered schools – Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University! Usually students from FAFU transfer to UBC as part of the 2+2/3+2 program, so this was the first time the opposite happened where a UBC student came to FAFU. Because of this, I was unofficially assigned the role of UBC representative and given various opportunities to explore our partnered school and strengthen the FAFU-UBC relationship. This meant giving presentations about UBC Forestry to future 3+2 transfer students, providing support and guidance to incoming 3+2 transfer students, and assisting in all English related projects within the College of Art & College of Landscape Architecture, as well as networking between students, professors and administrative teams. At first, it was a bit overwhelming being in a new country with a different work culture, but I was very lucky to have my FAFU colleagues and the UBC Co-op team supporting me along the way. My Co-op experience at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University has allowed me to develop cross-cultural communication skills and become a global thinker, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity. I feel that without Co-op, I would not have been able to work internationally and grow into the confident, driven person I am today.