Valentina Coy (Natural Resources Conservation)

BSCN-La Hesperia ReserveValentina Coy

I’ve spent my third co-op term in Ecuador’s cloud forest, working as the Project Assistant at La Hesperia Reserve. This position has given me the opportunity to familiarize myself with a variety of field, as well as administrative-related tasks associated with running a private reserve. Some of my responsibilities include assisting the Project Director in developing a marketing strategy in order increase the reserve visibility in social media. I also get to plan and execute educational programs with local school children. Some of the field related tasks involve cutting bamboo destined to build local greenhouses, harvesting local coffee and cacao, feeding the animals or extracting sap from tropical plants for medicinal uses. This position has opened my eyes to the challenges that conservation work faces in South America. I have been able to apply my knowledge from my BSCN degree in a new context, as well as build upon it. I am looking forward to my future co-op terms to build new connections, knowledge and experiences that will guide my future carrier path.