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Dean’s Message

Dean John Innes

Welcome to the Faculty of Forestry. We’re in the University of British Columbia.

UBC is one of Canada’s best universities and, in fact, one of the top universities in the world. While we undertake research and studies around the globe, our main campus is located in Vancouver, Canada which is considered to be one of the most desirable places in the world to live. Vancouver is a safe and beautiful city that provides an incredible environment for your work here at the university.

Forests go far beyond British Columbia, covering one third of the Earth’s land surface. Without forests, we wouldn’t have the biodiversity that we rely on so much and forests need to be looked after. Most forests have been altered by human activities, and ensuring they continue to support biodiversity, as well as fulfilling many other functions, is a major part of what forestry is about. Being a part of our Faculty gives you the opportunity to contribute to the healthy management of those forests.

Our Faculty is really quite special. While we are one of the smaller Faculties in the university, we are on the biggest forestry faculties in the world, and this confers us with many advantages. We have a very favourable student to faculty member ratio which translates to more individual attention for our students. We also offer a number of optional programs that allow students to elevate their degrees while they receive support from our award-winning student services groups. Our team will ensure that you have a wonderful experience, strong support, and guidance during your studies and beyond

Students and faculty study a wide range of topics at our Faculty. These topics range from genes to global ecosystems, from marine conservation to alpine birds, from climate change to food security and from illegal logging to tall wood buildings. And those are just a few of the areas that are being examined! Our graduate students form the core of our research enterprise with areas in Forest Resources Management, Forest and Conservation Sciences, and Wood Science.  Our students enjoy high rates of employment with employers seeking them out from as far away as China, Australia and South Africa.

If you want a great place to study, work, and be a part of a high-performing, supportive, and diverse community, consider joining our Faculty.  Together, we will strive to support the health and well-being of our planet’s forested ecosystems and all who interact with them – now and in the future.

John Innes
Dean of the Faculty of Forestry

Two students analyzing a tree

What is Forestry

Forestry is the discipline of managing our forests and forest lands for the countless values that they provide. Our forests offer ecological, economic, social, cultural, and recreational benefits, making them one of the most valuable natural resources on the planet.

Foggy forest on the side of a mountain

Strategic Plan

The Faculty of Forestry Strategic Plan 2019-2029 covers four main pillars: People and Places, Excellence in Research, Transformative Learning, and Local and Global Engagement. Each of these core aspects is interconnected and reflects the values of the Faculty of Forestry.

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Our vision is clear, “To strive to be a global exemplar in supporting the health and well being of our planet’s forested eco-systems and all who interact with them. In all that we do, we aim to create a better world.” The Faculty of Forestry has spearheaded many initiatives to get closer to achieve this vision.

View of the front entrance of UBC Forestry's Forest Sciences Centre

Forest Sciences Centre

The Forest Sciences Centre was designed to highlight the best of Canadian forest products and wood construction. The architectural icon houses the Faculty of Forestry’s three departments, along with classrooms, lecture halls, labs, and dedicated study areas featuring breathtaking wood design.

Silhouette of a person wearing a face shield overseeing a forest landscape

Research Forests

UBC is proud to manage two educational working forests that provide students with the means for cutting-edge research, interactive education, and the opportunity for an incomparable hands-on learning experience.

Photo of the buildings of the Haida Gwaii Institute

Haida Gwaii

The Haida Gwaii Institute (HGI) offers a range of programs to cultivate the next generation of leaders in natural resource management, sustainable economies, and reconciliation.