Inside view of UBC Faculty of Forestry's Forest Sciences Centre atrium

What is Forestry

Forestry is the science, art, and practice of understanding, managing, and using wisely the natural resources associated with, and derived from forest lands.

These resources include timber, water, fish, wildlife, soil, plants, and recreation. Forest lands are instrumental in the beauty and spiritual impact of our landscape. The utilization of all of these resources is part of the cultural heritage of British Columbia, and modern resources management embraces these values. Finding a balance between these multiple uses, while sustaining and conserving forest resources is the basis of this challenging and exciting program of study.

The diverse degree programs offered at the UBC Faculty of Forestry reflect the spectrum of forest resources and the businesses they generate. Students learn to combine social and biological sciences with technical skills, striving to achieve a balance between society’s ever-increasing need for goods and services, and environmental sustainability.

Forestry career paths that graduates follow include forest biologists, professional foresters, wood engineers, forestry business administrators, conservationists, and renewable resource managers. As an applied science, a forestry education can also serve as a foundation for entry into other professions such as education, business, and law.

The UBC Faculty of Forestry prepares students to manage our natural resources in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner.