2021 ABCFP Awards Recognize Contributions from UBC Forestry

UBC Faculty of Forestry wishes to congratulate its esteemed award winners who received the 2021 Distinguished Forest Professional Award and Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP) Magazine Best Article Award at this year’s virtual conference and AGM.

UBC Forestry Alumni Among Those Named Distinguished Forest Professional

Peter Marshall
Dr Peter Marshall

The Distinguished Forest Professional award recognizes ABCFP registrants for outstanding contributions to the profession and for furthering the association’s principles. This year, the ABCFP named four UBC Forestry alumni as Distinguished Forest Professionals: Stephen Lorimer, RPF, of Ladysmith, Garry Mancell, LLB, RPF, of Vancouver, Peter Marshall, PhD, RPF, of North Vancouver, and Ken Zielke, RPF, of West Vancouver.

In a news release issued earlier this week, ABCFP president Garnet Mierau stated, “Through hard work, dedication and working closely with local communities these forest professionals are ensuring the sustainable management of B.C.’s forests for future generations.”

UBC Forestry alumnus Dr Peter Marshall also served as the Faculty’s Associate Dean – Academic and as a professor with the Faculty’s Department of Forest Resources Management for almost four decades. He is a former president of both the ABCFP and the Canadian Institute of Forestry. He was a long-time member of the ABCFP Board of Examiners and presently serves on the ABCFP Investigation Committee as well as their Competency Working Group. He is also a long-time member, and current chair, of the Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board and represents the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) on the Forest Professional Regulators of Canada.

UBC Forestry Co-Authors Win ABCFP Forest Professional Magazine Best Article Award

Public scholars Dr Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz (recently defended PhD) and Sarah Dickson-Hoyle (PhD candidate) as well as their supervisors Dr Shannon Hagerman and Dr Lori Daniels received the 2021 ABCFP BC Forest Professional Magazine Best Article Award.

Entitled Community Forest Perspectives and Engagement in Wildfire Management, the co-authored cover page article, featured in the winter 2021 edition, examined the role of community forests in managing wildfire risk to forests and communities. The article highlighted the range of approaches to pro-active wildfire management and identified priorities and recommendations for the future of wildfire management in B.C. Read the full report the article was based on.

ABCFP Award UBC Forestry Coauthors
From left to right: Dr Kelsey Copes-Gerbitz, Sarah Dickson-Hoyle, Dr Shannon Hagerman and Dr Lori Daniels

About ABCFP Conference & Awards Ceremony

A total of 17 forest professionals were honoured at the conference’s award ceremony. This year’s three-day event marked the 74th annual conference and drew in approximately 2,000 attendees from all over the province. The ABCFP awards are based on nominations submitted by other forest professionals.

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