Dr. Ingrid Jarvis receives UBC Distinguished Dissertation Prize and nominated to CAGS/ProQuest DDA

Ingrid Jarvis

UBC Forestry is delighted to congratulate Dr. Ingrid Jarvis for receiving the UBC Distinguished Dissertation Prize and nomination to CAGS/ProQuest DDA.

Ingrid’s research focuses on the connection between urban natural environments and human health and wellbeing. Her work has also looked specifically at the effect of urban greenspaces on childhood development. Her dissertation is entitled Understanding the human health benefits of urban green space across the life course by integrating epidemiological and novel geospatial approaches. To learn more, read her dissertation here.

The UBC Distinguished Dissertation Prize is awarded to students whose doctoral dissertations are of exceptional quality and originality, and make a significant contribution to their academic field. One prize is offered in each of the following fields: social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and engineering, and health sciences. The prizes are awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and recipients are chosen from amongst those nominated to the CAGS/Proquest Distinguished Dissertation Awards competition.

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