Dr Nicholas Coops Receives UBC Killam Research Prize

Nicholas Coops
Dr Nicholas Coops

UBC Forestry is thrilled to announce Dr Nicholas Coops is a recipient of the 2020 UBC Killam Research Prizes in the Applied Science, Medicine and Sciences senior category. The Killam Research Awards recognizes full-time, tenure-stream faculty members in recognition of their outstanding research and scholarly contributions.

Nicholas’ Accomplishments

Nicholas Coops is internationally recognized as a world leader in remote sensing — assessing the Earth from space. He has developed new ways to characterize the dynamics of forests and their responses to climate change. His innovations span simulation modelling, using lasers for tracking forest health, and new instruments for tracking ecosystem function.

Throughout his career, Dr Coops has made several distinct and fundamentally important contributions to his field, which include conceptual advancements to geospatial modelling as well as operational advancements in the field of land-cover change analysis.

This past year, Dr Coops also received the Marcus Wallenberg Prize in 2020, commonly known as the “Nobel Prize in Forestry”, for his joint contributions in developing a forest growth model that can predict forest growth and the ability of forests to store carbon.

Nicholas joins three other UBC recipients in the Killam Research senior category for 2020:

  • Lara Boyd, Physical Therapy (Medicine) UBC Vancouver
  • Luke Clark, Psychology (Arts) UBC Vancouver
  • Wendy Robinson, Medical Genetics (Medicine) UBC Vancouver

About the UBC Killam Research Prizes

Since its start in 1965, more than 2,000 UBC professors, fellows, students and scholars have received Killam support for their research and scholarship.

Learn more about the Killam Trust.

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