Shannon Hagerman Receives Inaugural Faculty of Forestry Research Award

Shannon Hagerman
Shannon Hagerman

UBC Forestry wishes to congratulate Dr Shannon Hagerman, Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Resources Management, for winning the Faculty’s inaugural Research Award.

Shannon’s Research

Dr Hagerman’s ground-breaking research focuses on themes of interconnected conservation and social-ecological change, with implications for governance and policy. Her many recent publications in high-impact journals include a novel resistance-resilience-transformation framework for understanding conservation approaches in response to climate change, and a series of papers focussing on values, perceptions, and policies around biotechnology and assisted migration in a forest management context.

Her research was featured by the IUCN, the US Wildlife Conservation Society, and CBC, and led to an invitation to serve on the IUCN Climate Change Specialist Group and as the IUFRO Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Deputy Coordinator. She has also co-authored several reports targeted for communities and practitioners within BC, including one on community preferences for fire management, and given presentations to policymakers on climate-adaptive management approaches.

About the Faculty of Forestry Research Award

This new award recognizes research excellence in early- to mid-career faculty members, based on the quality, quantity, and impact of their research in the previous two years. Each department head, in consultation with faculty members, selects one nominee, and from those nominees, a committee, that includes a senior faculty member from each department, selects an award winner. The committee was lucky to have three excellent nominees to select from, reflecting excellence, depth, and breadth of research in the Faculty of Forestry.

To learn more about Dr Hagerman’s research, visit the Social-Ecological Systems Research Group.

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