2020 UBC Forestry Student Awards

We’re very pleased to announce the Best in Program winners in the Faculty of Forestry – students who stood out as the top of their respective programs. We’re also thrilled to announce the name of the winner of the CIF Gold Medal for the most outstanding student in the Faculty of Forestry.



Association of BC Forest Professionals Sustainable Forest Management Prize (Master of Sustainable Forest Management):  Jenna Kuzniar

Clark S. Binkley Award (Natural Resources Conservation – Science and Management Major):  Georgina Magnus

Clark S. Binkley Award (Natural Resources Conservation – Global Perspectives Major ):  Valentina Coy

Gordon Baskerville Award (Forest Resources Management):  Hunter Rigatti

Larre Medal (Wood Products Processing):  Kathryn Chan

Outstanding Forest Sciences Student Award:  Priya Puri

Outstanding Urban Forestry Student Award:  Shenae Borschneck

Gerry Burch Award (Forest Operations):  Fred Zhu



Noa Mayer (Natural Resources Conservation – Science and Management Major)

For privacy reasons, we’re unable to provide you with student email addresses, but if you wish to congratulate one, some, or all of the students, please send Rumiko an email and she will forward your notes (rumiko.tachibana@ubc.ca).

Congratulations to all of our recent graduates and for receiving your silver ring.


History and Significance of the Silver Ring

UBC Forestry - Silver Ring Ceremony - Ring

The very first silver ring ceremony took place in 1953 at the University of British Columbia (UBC), organized by forestry and forestry engineering graduates. This practice became a tradition at UBC and was adopted by 3 other forestry schools in 1961 (University of New Brunswick, Université Laval, and University of Toronto).

The Silver Ring is usually worn on the little finger of the left or right hand (depending on whether the person is right-handed or left-handed). The engraving of the maple leaf that seems to grow towards the tip of the finger symbolizes the growth of professional responsibilities.


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