Alyssa Robinson (Forest Sciences)

Alyssa Robinson – Skyline Forestry Consultants Ltd

BSFS – Skyline Forestry Consultants Ltd, Vancouver, BC

For my second work term, I have been given the opportunity to return to Skyline Forestry Consultants in an office position.  I have been learning how to use CBM-CFS3 (Carbon Budge Model of the Canadian Forest Sector) to project ecosystem carbon for seven Douglas-Fir forests across British Columbia that are experiencing different harvesting intensities.  Additionally, I have been applying these models across various levels of climate change to see how forests may look and act to sequester carbon 50 years in the future.  This work term has given me the opportunity to take what I experienced in my previous work term with Skyline Forestry Consultants in a field-based setting, and see what tasks are involved in processing field data in an office.

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