Angelo Chang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Angelo Chang – FLNRORD

BSCN – Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Dawson Creek, BC

My time with FLNRORD in Dawson Creek is often filled with a balance of Office and Field work. Specifically, I have been heavily involved with logging residue and waste assessment project, which heavily involves inquiry of data and information from both government databases, licensees themselves, and our own observation from outdoor field surveys. From this job, I’ve learned to be both physically and mentally efficient in my day-to-day tasks, as well as being involved with diverse co-workers whom I frequently co-operate with. The multi-disciplinary nature of my job also ensures I learn new subjects frequently. I have had many amazing and productive months that wouldn’t have happened without Faculty of Forestry’s amazing co-op program. I recommend co-op to students who are looking for realistic and exciting experiences in the forestry (and other related) industries, as well as students who simply wants to embroad and apply their knowledge and skills both professionally and meaningfully.

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