Anna Howard (Natural Resources Conservation)

Anna Howard - Parks Canada

BSCN – Parks Canada, Vancouver, BC

This winter, I had the opportunity to return to Parks Canada’s Vancouver Learn-to Camp team. Having worked with the team during the summer and having such a fantastic experience, I knew I wanted to continue on for another 4 months. In this role, I have had the invaluable experience of teaching free workshops on animal safety and beginner camping skills, running overnight camping programs for all ages, maintaining important agency partnerships, leading guided hikes, and running training for our new staff. Working in this role for 8 months has shown me that any skill can be gained if you work hard enough at it – public speaking was originally something that I might have described as a weakness, but it has become one of my best skills. Thanks to Forestry’s Co-op program and Parks Canada, I have been able to begin pursuing a dream career in the environmental sector of the federal government while gaining ample professional experience.

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