Chenying Li (Forest Resources Management)

Chenying Li – Parks Canada

BSF – Parks Canada, Fort Langley, BC

For my first coop term, I have been working for Parks Canada at Fort Langley National Historic Site as a student interpretation assistant. My main duty on site was coming up with ways to deliver the history and stories of Fort Langley in ways that will be the most meaningful to visitors. Aside from talking to guests, I also baked snacks using the traditional bake oven and have sat in the cooperage smoothing wood staves. These tasks represent the typical day of workers who worked on the trading post centuries ago, hence help me with interpreting their stories. Interpreting about the cooperage also allowed me to apply my forestry knowledge to my talks, since it’s a place that involved wood production and wood working. For example, I talked about the different type of wood that the coopers would use for barrow making, the reason why they used them, and how to distinguish them.

This unique work opportunity allowed me to practice my public speaking skills and helped me develop ways to interact with listeners during my presentation. Overall, my work experience at Fort Langley National Historic Site was fabulous and I have learned many new things from my supervisors and coworkers.

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