Cindy Choi (Natural Resources Conservation)

Cindy Choi - Ecobase

BSCN – Ecobase, South Korea

Over the autumn of 2019, I had an invaluable opportunity to work in South Korea at a privately owned lab/manufacturing company called Ecobase for four months as a sewage water quality diagnosis lab assistant.

To work in Korea, where I used to live until the age of twelve, was eye opening, as it made me realize how advanced technology is in Korea, as well as how fast paced work environment is, compared to my past Co-op work experiences in Vancouver and Prince George, BC. During my work term in Korea, I was given fascinating tasks, such as operating mini robots inside sewage pipelines to video record the insides of pipelines, and translate our data reports from Korean to English to report to municipalities.

Upon completing my work experience in Korea, I not only discovered new cultural insights from my own motherland, but also gained many transferrable skills, such as written and oral communication skills, analytical skills and time management skills. If it wasn’t for Forestry Co-op, I wouldn’t have had the courage to work abroad and been inspired to consider working in labs upon graduation.

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