Ira Hudgin (Natural Resources Conservation)

Ira Hudgin – Environment and Climate Change Canada

BSCN – Environment and Climate Change Canada, Vancouver, BC

For my second co-op term I have been working within the Canadian Wildlife Service, which is a branch of the Environment and Climate Change Canada department. I have been working within the stewardship unit and on the priority place team as a conservation planning assistant.

The priority place team at the CWS is dedicated to establishing priority place areas in southwest BC and the interior of BC in order to concentrate conservation activities in these areas. Working within this team has provided distinctly valuable work experience which has applied skills and abilities that my academic period has developed, such as researching information and data organization through excel. Throughout this work term, I have learned about bird identification, species at risk, critical habitats and many other facets of conservation while being able to contribute effort into protection on a government level for British Columbia which has been very satisfying. This work term has also given a glance into the professional life of a government employee in the field of conservation, granting me a chance to reflect on my future goals and will help steer the development of my career.

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