Kristen Meng (Natural Resources Conservation)

Kristen Meng – Canature Processing Ltd

BSCN – Canature Processing Ltd., BC

Last summer, I worked in the NaturalPet Innovation in Aldergrove, BC. This is a wet-meat processing factory that make meat slurry for freeze-drying pet food. When I worked there, I was a quality control personnel and took charge of inspecting both raw material and production procedures. Every morning, I needed to check all the tools and machine that would be used for that day’s production to make sure they were all well-cleaned. Then, during the production, I needed to check the temperature of material in processing and if every production line work had followed the SOP of production. When there was new ram material coming, I needed to do a receiving inspection to ensure those raw material was qualified and deliveried with the required condition. Samples would be taken during the inspection and sent to the laboratory for nutrition inspection. Once a quality issue occured, I had to pause the production processing if necessary, hold the raw material with problem, file the problem with photos or other proofs, and wait for decision from my manager. At the end of every month, I also needed to do the stock inventory with other colleagues to ensure there was no shortage of raw material.

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