Marina Galvao (Natural Resources Conservation)

Marina Galvao – Fisheries and Oceans Canada Summer 2020

BSCN – Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Vancouver, BC

Due to the social distancing measures that have been implemented, I have been teleworking for my second work term with the Canadian Government’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Tasks I have been given are often research-based, which has helped me to expand my skills in relation to scientific literature. Locating and annotating scientific literature is a critical component of research and is particularly important in creating a baseline on which projects can be built. Some research topics I have had the chance to explore this Co-op term include toxin generation in harmful algal blooms, historical and current state of Burrard Inlet, British Columbia macrofauna, amongst many others. We are also taking this time away from the lab to discuss the potential for future fieldwork that will adhere to social distancing restrictions while maintaining efficiency. Recently, I have also been given the opportunity to graph the data I had been collecting while at the lab. This includes sediment and oyster samples that determine ecosystem health. In this data analysis process, I have been able to compare the dataset I collected to previous years in order to further examine and understand patterns. Despite missing being physically present at the lab, I believe I am still able to make the most out of my Co-op term and improve skills in areas I may not have experienced if I was still performing the same tasks as before.

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