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Final Exam Issues and Solutions

Last Updated: April 17, 2020

By Dr. Suborna Ahmed, Lecturer, FRM

Here, I listed some issues I faced during the exam and the way I solved those issues:

IssuePossible Solution
Lots of pre-existing data on the browser prior to the exam start created some problems during the exam, and students couldn’t continue the exam.I told them to clear their browser’s cache and reenter the exam if they were out of the exam within a few minutes.
Noticed a few students were not writing the examI monitored the exam the entire time on the “Moderate This Quiz” option. I contacted them if they were missing the exam (didn’t start the exam yet) and checked their activities on the canvas page or who were having trouble. “Moderate This Quiz” option:
Found who was missing the exam
Here is a picture from a practice exam:
If a student was missing the exam, then I investigate their activities on the canvas page on the “People” tab.
Students couldn’t continue the exam: When I heard from a student that they couldn’t continue the exam and not sure what happened then I checked their exam activates on the “Moderate This Quiz” option:
The red cross indicated that the exam was halted, and I added additional time for that particular student when I saw that they were back to the exam page after getting IT’s help.
Due to poor internet connection students were disconnected from the exam.I added two attempts to let the Proctorio IT help the student got back to the exam page where they left off. It would prevent re-taking the exam if there were only one attempt. Students have to contact via live chat option on the exam page or let me know. I chatted with Proctorio IT regarding the issue on the site:
https://proctorio.com/support Students used the following options: 1) Live Chat – the best option
2) Email
There is also an email support line (support@proctorio.com) but the live chat is a much faster response.
3) Email or call:
Email lt.hub@ubc.ca or call 604-827-4775.
Due to minimizing the exam page and opening another page, the exam was terminatedWhenever I heard this type of issue, I told them to talk to me on Collaborate Ultra. I created an open session for students during the exam to let them speak to me. I didn’t judge them based on the suspicion level or any data from the proctorio/canvas data. I let them explain the situation to me and then took action.