Final Exams – More Dispatches from the Online World


A few more helpful tips from folks who administered online exams (Canvas/Proctorio) yesterday – thanks to Hunter Rigatti, Greg Paradis, Younes Alila, and Gary Bull:

  • If your exam contains images, if any one of the multiple possible levels of embedded “folders” within Canvas containing the image is not “published”, then the image will blocked to students.
  • The LT Hub recommends that you extend the availability window of the exam 30 minutes past the anticipated time. This way, if any students are slow to start due to issues getting online, they will still be able to finish the exam within the time limit you set. This can be done through the “Moderate This Quiz” option when you are in the quiz page.
  • Make sure that you exam is “published” in Canvas beforehand to avoid any last minute scrambling. If the available “From Time” option is set correctly, then students won’t be able to go into the quiz itself until that time (even though it will appear on the “Assignments” tab letting them know they have a quiz that starts at x time on x date).
  • There is a good possibility that some students (with slower internet access) may have trouble accessing certain parts of the exam (eg, graphics). It is good practice to have a non-Canvas copy at the ready in case any students encounter such a problem.
  • For technical reasons, LT Hub recommends that you do not use “Force Full Screen On”, and that you allow re-entry into the exam (allow “All Re-entry” not just “Re-entry by Agent”). The downside is that this may allow a student to look up materials during an exam.

In addition, Andres Varhola offers these tips based on his experiences implementing a final exam in Canvas last term (thanks Andres):

  1. I prefer using “Classic Quizzes” and NOT “New Quizzes”. I don’t want to get into details, but I have faced several problems with the New Quizzes interface, while Classic Quizzes in my opinion are much more robust.
  2. Be very careful with the multiple answer question type (like multiple choice but with more than one option), because students are penalized for incorrect choices. They must be aware of this, so I put a very explicit warning.
  3. Do not enable the “Let Students See Their Quiz Responses” option and do not release the grades immediately after students submit the exam. It is good to check exam statistics before students get their grades, just in case any question needs regrading or had an error.
  4. I had a few cases in which students faced technical problems but, once they logged in Canvas again, they did not have to start the exam from scratch (I cannot personally guarantee that Canvas saves all work all the time, but I have not experienced this).
  5. I have had students accidentally submit the exam way before the time deadline, in which case one can manually grant an extra attempt to whoever needs it by clicking on the “Moderate This Quiz” button. Be ready for that because it happens!

I recognize that there is lots of information to digest here. As always, I’m happy to try to answer any questions that you have. In addition, the folks at LT Hub are proving to be a very responsive and a reliable source of information (


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