Final Exams


Welcome to the last week of classes!

As the term winds down and we enter into final exam season, please consider taking another look at the Assignments & Assessments page put together by CTLT:

In it, you’ll find a number of resources, including set up guides, FAQs, and a link to online support.  Remember, there are many ways to evaluate the degree to which your students have met the learning objectives of your course.  If you do not wish to use online proctoring software, the site also includes a number of alternative assessment suggestions.

Also, a reminder that if you change your assessment techniques, according to the UBC Vancouver’s Senate Syllabus Policy V-130, you must (1) “ensure that registered students have access to the changed details in a revised and dated version of the syllabus and should send electronic communication to students to alert them that a change has been made” and (2) allow students who see the changes as detrimental to seek a resolution with you.  On this latter point, if you are unable to come to an agreement with a student(s) on changes to assessments, please direct the student(s) to communicate with me.



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