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Finding Ways to Maintain Successful Co-op Placements

Last Updated: April 8, 2020

During these times of uncertainty, we want to strive to support BC companies to find ways to keep students on board, maintain successful co-op placements, and qualify for our BC Tech Co-op Grants Program. We’ve outlined some updates to our BC Tech Co-op Grants Program along with a list of additional opportunities that might benefit local businesses, in case you would like to share this with companies and students.

Program Updates

In line with adaptations made by co-op departments, the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program is open to flexible working conditions (i.e. remote work) and placements of less than 16 weeks. Companies can qualify for the grant as long as they are in line with the requirements of the co-op departments. If any of the program requirements are barriers to hiring or retaining students during this time, we are open to making adjustments, if necessary, on a case by case basis.

Grant Stacking Opportunities

Below is a list of Canadian hiring programs that have confirmed that companies can stack our grants with theirs such that the total grant amount may cover 100% of the student’s salary. Please be reminded that the combined value of grants cannot exceed the student’s salary.

We encourage companies to email us with additional information so we can explore ways to further support them. If you have any questions about the BC Tech Co-op Grants Program, please let us know.