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Forestry Undergraduate Student Information: COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

Here is our contact information for your convenience:

Dr Rob Kozak, Associate Dean, Academic
rob.kozak@ubc.ca   Tel: 604-822-2402

Chiara Longhi, Director of Student Services
chiara.longhi@ubc.ca   Tel:  604-822-9187

Rumiko Tachibana, Undergraduate Program Assistant

Ana Curcin, Student Advisor/Recruiter
ana.curcin@ubc.ca  Tel: 604-827-5195

Janna Rumary-Kellett, Student Advisor/Recruiter
janna.rumarykellett@ubc.ca  Tel: 604-827-3082

Nazlyn Pirani, Forestry Co-op Coordinator
nazly.pirani@ubc.ca  Tel: 604-827-5196

Sanya Sivic, Wood Co-op Coordinator
Sanya.sivic@ubc.ca Tel: 604-822-4793

Keep well and healthy.

Warm regards,

Student Services Team