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Please see the note below from Suzie Lavallee, who is generously offering (through her TLEF) to assist you in creating online 3D virtual resources for your upcoming courses. Please contact Suzie directly if this sounds like it would be of interest.


Dear Colleagues,

You may recall that I secured a large TLEF grant in December 2019, with the primary goal of creating a center for generating 3D and virtual resources for teaching at UBC, in collaboration with UBC Studios and the Emerging Media Lab (EML). We are preparing to move forward with those plans, possibly in an expanded capacity, in the coming months.

With the prospect of fall courses potentially going to an online environment, I would encourage that everyone take stock of resources that could be generated for your courses using photogrammetry (multiple photos connected together to form a 3D virtual model). Examples of the results of this technology (generated in small TLEF project for FRST 395 last summer) can be seen here:

In order to access the materials above you will require a password. The password can be found in the original email from Rob, or by emailing

I anticipate that we will know more about fall courses and our ability to meet expanded demands for 3D resource generation by April / May, but I wanted to provide an opportunity for people to be prepared when the time comes.

If you have questions about these resources or others that may be enabled through photogrammetry, please feel free to email me (


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