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I hope you all had restful weekends and are ready to embark on week 2 of our online transition!  To get the ball rolling, here is some useful information from two of our local experts.

If you are interested in surveying your students in Canvas (without grades), Suzie Lavallee has drafted up the following instructions / tips (below).

If you need your students to install ArcGIS on their computers, Suborna Ahmed has prepared an installation guide (attached) and a youtube video:

Many thanks to Suzie and Suborna – both are willing to answer any questions that you may have.  Thanks also to Jerry, Carl, and Vivek for helping us to source licences for ArcGIS.

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Surveying Students in Canvas:

If you would like students to make a choice between options for how to end the term, etc, this is easily done via a survey in Canvas. BUT…if you don’t make it a GRADED survey, you won’t have the handy ‘Message students who’ option in the grade book. This allows you to quickly identify and message everyone who hasn’t responded.

  1. In the ‘Quizzes’ tab in Canvas, select ‘Classic Quizzes’ from the ‘+Quiz’ page
  2. For Quiz Type, select ‘Graded Survey’
  3. Make it worth a mark, but don’t have it count towards final grading.

Once students respond, 

  • Click on the ellipsis on the right hand side of the column header for the survey in the Grade Book
  • Select ‘message students who…’ from the options. One of those options will be students who haven’t completed the survey yet.

Other recommendations:

  • Make question one a declaration that they have read and understood the revised grading plan
  • Keep the survey open for as long as possible, but keep the due date within a timeframe you can respond to.

Rob Kozak

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