UBC Online Teaching and Learning Thematic Working Groups

Dear Faculty,

Simon Bates (Associate Provost, Teaching and Learning) is convening a number of Thematic Working Groups over the next two months to scope out teaching and learning options in the following areas:

  1. Effective approaches to large classes online
  2. Challenges for practicum / placement / clinical activities
  3. Alternate approaches to laboratory learning
  4. Approaches to assessment in online environments

The working groups will be tasked with producing an options analysis of different approaches, outlining the scale of the issue (what disciplines / departments are impacted?), the nature of the issues themselves (what are the challenges?), and identifying the pros and cons of particular approaches (what are the options?).

Other, more student-facing working groups will also be set up later in the summer.

These are excellent educational leadership opportunities in these challenging times. If you have any interest in joining one of these working groups, or have experience that you would like to share, please let me know by early next week, and I will submit your name to the Provost’s Office.


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