UBC Forestry Co-Hosting Engineered Bamboo for Sustainable Construction Conference

May 19, 2022


Engineered Bamboo for Sustainable Construction Conference
Photo courtesy of Dasso

When: May 17 – 19, 2022
Where: Online (Register below)

About the Conference

UBC Forestry, in partnership with the World Bamboo Organization and Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, is co-hosting the international conference, Engineered Bamboo for Sustainable Construction Conference online from May 17 – 19, 2022.

The first conference of its kind, UBC Forestry wood science associate professor and event organizer Dr. Chunping Dai says the time has come for holding a conference like this.

“Building construction accounts for approximately 40 percent of the world’s total carbon emission output. The quest for renewable building materials has never been stronger,” says Dai.

Conference Highlights

Bamboo building in construction
Photo courtesy of BamCore

The conference will focus on the use of bamboo in construction, with particular emphasis on the rapidly growing use of engineered bamboo. On opening day, the conference will look at products and applications, including product examples, the road to commercialization, and research needs.

The second day will focus on the latest research results and innovative ideas for bamboo in construction. Among those addressing this topic will be Dai himself, speaking on engineered bamboo and opportunities for developing sustainable construction bamboo products.

“When it comes to modern building construction, engineered bamboo can be developed similarly to engineered wood products. However, due to its unique properties, it needs to be processed differently,” says Dai. “In my presentation, I will compare the two and speak to some of the science and engineering insight behind bamboo processing techniques as well as future product opportunities.”

About Sol Rodriguez

Thick bamboo forest during daytime
Photo courtesy of the World Bamboo Organization

UBC Faculty of Forestry wood science graduate student Sol Rodriguez will also be speaking at the conference, addressing the idea, that prefabricated bamboo homes may one day be a widespread option for all corners of the globe.

A bamboo and timber engineer at the forefront of the sustainable building revolution, Rodriguez has worked in mass timber and bamboo projects in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. During his conference presentation, he will highlight an affordable bamboo housing project he established in Latin America in 2020.

The third and final day will look at the environmental rationale for using bamboo, including an in-depth look at carbon emissions.

“This sustainable material is evolving rapidly, and the conference will look at how bamboo is being incorporated into modern timber buildings holistically.” Dai says further.

To learn more about the conference and register, visit the Engineered Bamboo for Sustainable Construction Conference website.

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