Advancements in Engineering Mass Timber Buildings Online Seminar Series

June 15, 2022 2pm


Mass Timber Building

Advancements in Engineering Mass Timber Buildings Online Seminar Series

This four-session online seminar introduces the latest developments and innovations in mass timber technology. Global research leaders in the field will discuss recent scientific findings in connections, seismic design, hybrid solution, and fire resistance of mass timber addressing design applications in modern timber structures.  Attendees will learn about current advancements in material and technologies, and further integrate them to design-engineering applications. This seminar series is geared towards professional engineers and architects in BC.


May 25th 2022 – Andreas Ringhofer | 2pm – 3pm PST
June 1st 2022 –  Haibo Feng | 2pm – 3pm PST
June 8th 2022 – Felix Wiesner | 2pm – 3pm PST
June 15th 2022 – Minghao Li | 2pm – 3pm PST

Format: Online via Zoom (links will be sent to registrants closer to the event)
Session Length: 1 hour including a Q&A session
Cost: Free, registration required


Dr. Andreas Ringhofer

Topic: From Research to Design – 15 Years Focused on Self-Tapping Screws at The Graz University of Technology

Bio: Between 2005 and 2010 Andreas Ringhofer studied Civil Engineering at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz, Austria). Since 2011 he has been an employee of the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology at TU Graz, where he also finished his PhD about “Axially loaded Self-Tapping Screws in Solid Timber and Laminated Timber Products” in 2017. From this time on he has been the technical manager of the Lignum Test Center (LTC) as the institute’s own laboratory. Thus, he is responsible for the third-party contract research at the institute, where cross laminated timber (CLT) is especially focused on. Besides this function, Andreas’ main research focus is on connection technique with axially loaded fasteners (STS and glued-in rods) where he leads some funded research projects with special regard to hardwood application. In parallel to his scientific career, since 2017 Andreas is a state authorized and court-sworn civil engineer and the CEO of the structural engineering company freiraum ZT gmbh with approx. 10 employees. The freiraum ZT gmbh especially focuses on the architectural and structural design and on the project management of timber buildings in Middle Europe.

Dr. Haibo Feng

Topic: The role of timber frame buildings on BC Energy Step Code and carbon neutrality

Dr. Haibo Feng is a Lecture of Construction and Project Management in Northumbria University in Newcastle UK, and he is a member of the Built Environment Digital Futures research group. His research area is in Green building, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Building Energy Performance. He is particularly interested in using sustainable technologies to promote zero carbon timber frame buildings. He also has extensive experience locally and globally on sustainable building design and construction management.

Dr. Felix Wiesner

Topic: The role of adhesives for the fire safety for laminated timber structures braces

Dr Felix Wiesner is a Lecturer in Timber Engineering at the University of Queensland and works as part of the Future Timber Hub and the National Centre for Timber Durability and Design Life. His field of expertise are the critical evaluation of load bearing capacity of building elements in fire and the assessment of safety implications arising from the use of engineered timber as structural members in tall buildings or structures with extraordinary architectural features. He has extensive experience in large scale compartment fire tests to assess the fire dynamics in engineered timber buildings and their structural response.

His research group explores ignition and extinction criteria for flaming and smouldering combustion of timber species and timber products that have been treated to enhance its fire performance or its resistance against biological agents. This work is closely aligned with the consideration of timber use in bushfire prone areas. Throughout his career he has collaborated with both the fire safety engineering and timber industry to deliver joint research projects and consultancies on the appropriate use of novel wood products in the built environment.

Dr. Minghao Li

Topic: Enhancing seismic performance of glulam frame structures with buckling restrained braces

Dr. Minghao Li is an associate professor in structural timber engineering at University of Canterbury in New Zealand. He has a strong research interest in developing robust structural solutions for timber buildings via experimental, analytical and numerical techniques. He has researched extensively on high-performance engineered timber products and connection systems, multi-storey timber and timber-steel hybrid structures. He is particularly interested in low-damage design of timber structures for earthquakes.

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