Online Micro-Certificates Information Session

September 8, 2022 10:30am (PST)

Online via Zoom

Micro-Certificates Information Session - September 8, 2022 at 10:30 AM

When: September 8, 2022, at 10:30am (PST)
Where: Online

The session recording is now available at the link below.

Designed for working professionals, UBC Forestry’s wide array of programs offers an accessible opportunity to elevate your skills, engage with industry leaders and advance in your career. Delivered exclusively online, UBC Forestry’s Micro-Certificates are paving the way to providing quality, industry-aligned and accessible forestry education across Canada.

Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation (CVA)

UBC Forestry’s CVA Micro-Certificate is a flexible 8-week online program that provides forest professionals with an understanding of climate science, vulnerability assessments, adaptation development, and how it is applied to management and business case adaptation.

Sheri Andrews-Key

Sheri Andrews-Key, Program Director (CVA) 

With extensive experience in large-scale climate vulnerability assessments across different sectors and organizations, Dr. Andrews-Key brings her expertise in the development and implementation of adaptation, specifically as applied to business cases for adaptation across all sectors. She is passionate about exploring how we can bridge science, theory and action to provide students with the comprehensive and applied knowledge necessary to excel in their careers.

Co-Management of Natural Resources (CNR)

Offered in conjunction with the Haida Gwaii Institute, explore how to advance co-management initiatives, institutional and relational change, and intercultural understanding at the nexus of Indigenous and Western Knowledge systems. With a total of 60 hours of instruction to be completed, participants have the flexibility to set their own timeline for completion, within a maximum of two years.

Carlos Ormond, Haida Gwaii Institute Director

For nearly two decades, Carlos has been developing and participating in strategic initiatives to support the continuous improvement of communities and the systems they are dependent on. In addition to his work with the Haida Gwaii Institute, Carlos is also Director for the Literacy Haida Gwaii board, and serves as a Commissioner for Haida Gwaii Recreation.

Forest Carbon Management (FCM)

In 8 weeks, gain skills in forest carbon accounting, data analysis, and natural resource management to excel in forest carbon projects and associated markets around the world. Critically examine domestic and international forest carbon project case studies to learn first-hand the role that forests play in greenhouse gas inventories, where data related to forest carbon comes from and key industry resources to stay informed.

Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones, Program Instructor (FCM) 

Currently the Forest Carbon and Geospatial Scientist for Ostrom Climate Solutions and the Blue Forests and Geospatial Adviser for Blue Ventures, Dr. Jones is the lead developer and instructor of the FCM program. Holding a B.A. in Geography and an M.A. in GIS from Clark University, and a Ph.D. in Forest Resources Management from UBC Forestry’s Integrated Remote Sensing Studio, Dr. Jones brings his renowned expertise in forest carbon projects to lead our program curriculum. 

Climate Action and Community Engagement (CACE)

Over 8 weeks, learn how to engage and train local climate champions to build stronger and more resilient cities in the face of climate change extremes. Work together to develop your skills in communication, recruitment, and organization to foster individual and collective Climate Action Plans within communities.

Cheryl Ng

Cheryl Ng, Program Instructor (CACE) 

Having worked in environmental education and engagement for over 6 years in Singapore, the UK, and Canada, Cheryl brings her adaptability and cultural sensitivity to her work in social and environmental stewardship. Cheryl also leads the Cool ‘Hood Champs program in Vancouver, training hundreds of local residents to become climate champions in their neighbourhoods since 2020.

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