Research Lunch Seminar Series – Honouring Stories of the Land to Reclaim and Revitalize Indigenous Food Systems

October 18, 2022 12pm - 1pm


Dr. Jennifer Grenz

When: October 18, 2022, 12 pm – 1pm
Where: Online or In Person (CAWP Caseroom, Forest Sciences Centre Room 2916)
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Grenz, Forest Resources Management

This event is free and will be held virtually and in person. Lunch will be provided to the first 50 in-person attendees and granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Colonial notions of naturalness and Indigeneity have been the cornerstone of modern, Eden-based ecology. Applying Indigenous Ecology honours the stories of the land, past, present, and future, confronting those notions with the TRUTHS of our lands and peoples.

Dr. Jennifer Grenz will share some of her journey with her Gitselasu and Quw’tsun friends and co-researchers as they work toward the reclamation and revitalization of Indigenous food systems through storytelling. It turns out the most important lessons, are in the subplots.

About the Research Lunch Seminar Series

The Research Lunch Seminar Series is an opportunity to meet and learn from UBC Forestry faculty members from different departments who will share their expertise and research with our community. This lunchtime series offers a brief research talk followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

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