The Democratization of Remote Sensing

July 9, 2020

It’s hard to remember a time when we couldn’t experience our world through images produced by satellites and airplanes. These remote images have allowed us to see things as never before, to gain insight and shift perspective.

And now they are everywhere. Remote sensing – collecting imagery of the Earth’s surface – is cheaper and easier than ever before. We can now see everything from a single leaf to the entire planet. The technology has exploded in the past five years, with vast amounts of data generated every day.

But data isn’t knowledge or insight, and making that conversion is the key to making sound decisions for your business or organization.

Professor Nicholas Coops is a recognized expert in remote sensing and a key contributor to Canada’s world-leading position in remote sensing in forestry. In this webinar, he will help you learn more about remote sensing technologies and how to maximize the potential of the data they produce.

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