Cougar Project Field Technician

Temporary/Seasonal Position with University of British Columbia Okanagan
Job Description:
We are studying the impacts of fire, roads, and spring green-up on cougar populations across southern British Columbia. We are looking for 1-2 skilled field technicians to investigate cougar kill sites across the west Okanagan Valley to determine prey choice, habitat characteristics at kill sites, and scavenger presence.
The technician(s) will work in a 2-3 person team to hike to clusters of cougar GPS locations, document findings, collect samples, and install trail cameras. The technician(s) will also complete data entry, laboratory work, and assist with other field projects as needed. Field work will involve long days of driving and hiking in bear and cougar country, sometimes in temperatures over 30ᵒC.
Start Date: Field work will begin in May 2020 and continue through August. Exact start and end dates will be negotiable.
Location: Field work will occur across the Okanagan Valley of southcentral British Columbia
Salary: Depends on experience

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Ability to work in Canada (citizenship or valid work permit)


  • Current or recently graduated (within 4 months) BSc student
  • Plant and animal identification skills for southern BC
  • First aid & Bear aware certification
  • Previous field experience working in small teams
  • Experience installing remote cameras and classifying images
  • Experience driving 4X4 truck on logging roads
  • Experience navigating off-trail by compass/GPS
  • Ability to hike long hours in difficult terrain carrying 30lb backpack

To apply: Send cover letter, CV, and contact information for 3 references in one PDF via email to Siobhan Darlington ( by 5:00 pm, March 5th, 2021. We reserve the right to accept late applications at our discretion, but we strongly prefer applications that are on time.
Application deadline: 5:00 pm PST March 5th, 2021
Contact email:

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