Sciences and Management Major 

The Sciences and Management Major focuses on the conservation and management of renewable natural resources, and landscape and local level planning for both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

A notable feature of this major is the Integrated Conservation Field School, a one-of-a-kind semester-long course divided into modules, each concentrating on a particular component of B.C.’s environment.

Compared to the Global Perspectives Major, the Sciences and Management major is more rigorous in terms of the natural sciences, has a more intensive application of planning and management to conservation problems, and is more in line with criteria to obtain status as a Professional Biologist or Professional Forester.

Both majors have the opportunity for international education and students in the Sciences and Management Major are encouraged to participate in international education. The Faculty of Forestry boasts links to over 25 different universities in 18 different countries, allowing a student to spend up to one year studying abroad. In consultation with our International Exchange Advisor, often these placements can be credited towards your degree program, and, best of all, you still only pay UBC tuition fees while taking courses at universities around the world!

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