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Building Research Capacity
In the Faculty of Forestry, research has two roles: it is the key to identifying and defining problems, and is also the key to solving them. Research creates new knowledge, drives innovation and fosters an engaged intellectual community in our Faculty. The application of research contributes to the environmental, social and economic well-being of society.

Enriching Student Learning
There are no forests in lecture halls, and none in labs. Students in the Faculty of Forestry must literally “get out of town” in order to apply what they are learning at UBC. Studying, volunteering and working in the field makes the theoretical practical, makes the abstract real, and breathes life into the science and art of forestry.

Community Engagement
The Faculty recognises that engaging alumni, industry, forest-dependent communities, Aboriginal peoples, associations, government and non-governmental organisations and the wider community at large, both in Canada and internationally is vital to building a sustainable future for forestry and tackling conservation issues.

Special Appeals

Experiential Learning on Haida Gwaii
The Faculty of Forestry is a passionate advocate for enriched educational experiences for our students. We truly believe that students have the most impactful and complete educational experience when they have a rich and varied learning environment that extends well beyond the classroom and includes hands-on learning in a community environment.

Forestry Field School
Field school is an important milestone in a student’s forestry education. After three years of classroom courses in basic sciences, ecology, silviculture, hydrology, and much more, field school moves the learning environment to the forest.

The Loon Lake Research and Education Centre
The Loon Lake Research and Education Centre, located within the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest in Maple Ridge was established in 1948 to accommodate UBC Forestry students on their annual field training. Shortly after its establishment, school groups and a wide range of community associations began using the facility. Since that time, it has remained a dedicated place of education, providing a unique opportunity for experiential learning and research.

Faculty of Forestry Bursary
Help UBC students focus on their studies and reach their potential by donating to the Faculty of Forestry Bursary Fund.

Student awards in the name of the Faculty of Forestry Emeritus Professors
The undergraduate and graduate student learning experience is central to everything we do in the Faculty of Forestry. Our alumni and friends have helped to raise an endowment for the Dean of Forestry Scholarship Fund. Scholarships will be awarded each year to the Faculty’s most deserving students.

Human-Wildlife Co-existence on a Crowded Planet – The Wildco Lab
The WildCo lab studies interactions between people and wildlife across multiple species and spatial scales, with a particular emphasis on large-bodied terrestrial mammals; e.g. caribou, grizzly bear. The lab is comprised of a diverse team of scientists and conservationists who work across Canada and all over the world to understand human-wildlife coexistence.