Student Awards in the Name of the Faculty of Forestry Emeritus Professors

Dean of Forestry Scholarship

The undergraduate and graduate student learning experience is central to everything we do in the Faculty of Forestry. Our alumni and friends have helped to raise an endowment for the Dean of Forestry Scholarship Fund. Scholarships will be awarded each year to the Faculty’s most deserving students.

Your support to this fund will enable the Faculty to provide more scholarships to students, who will get the chance to learn the skills to effect great changes for our forests and our world. Learn more and donate now.

Hamish Kimmins – Scholarship in Forest Ecosystem Studies

Serving as Professor of Forest Ecology at the University of British Columbia from 1969 to 2007, Dr Kimmins has had a tremendous impact on forestry that extends well beyond the boundaries of British Columbia. He is recognized worldwide as the one of the great Canadian forest ecologists, and his work has helped enormously to advance our understanding of how to achieve long-term sustainability of our forests. Learn more and donate now.

Tony Kozak – Scholarship in Forest Measurement

The Tony Kozak Scholarship in Forest Measurement scholarship was endowed in honour of Dr Tony Kozak’s contributions to the field of forest mensuration and biometrics. The award is offered to undergraduate students entering third or fourth year in the Faculty of Forestry with an interest and demonstrated aptitude in the area of forest measurement. Learn more and donate now.

John Worrall – Tree Enthusiast Prize & Alumni Bursary in Forestry

The John Worrall Tree Enthusiast Prize was established by colleagues, friends and students in recognition of the outstanding contribution to teaching, student well-being, and the field of forest botany during his thirty-five years with the Faculty of Forestry. The award is offered to students who have achieved high standing in Forest Plant Biology and have a demonstrated interest in that field. Learn more and donate now.

The John Worrall Alumni Bursary in Forestry was endowed in recognition of the teaching contribution of Dr John Worrall. This award was initiated by the 1970 – 1990 forestry alumni and is offered to students entering third year Forestry. Learn more and donate now.