Congratulations to the 2021/22 Recipients of the Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship

Scholarships totalling approximately $15,000 are awarded annually to one outstanding student in each of the Faculty of Forestry’s Professional Master’s programs (MGEM, MIF, MSFM, and MUFL). Eligibility criteria include high academic standing, as well as demonstrating exceptional engagement and leadership within their cohort.

Congratulations to the 2021/22 recipients of the Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship:

Harrison Seely


Throughout the MGEM Program, Harrison Seely exemplifies the qualities required of a Binkley Scholar.  He is engaging, interactive and has achieved academic success. His engagement in asking insightful questions pushes in-class conversations forward and shows his commitment to the program and learning outcomes. His positive attitude extends beyond the classroom, taking a leading role in planning extracurricular activities to bring his classmates together. Overall, Harry is a well-rounded individual who exemplifies not only the qualities of an MGEM student – but those of a Binkley Scholar.

Vaishali Vasudeva


Vaishali Vasudeva demonstrates above and beyond commitment to her academic, work, and life achievements. In addition to achieving the highest GPA ranking among her cohort, she exhibits humility and empathy throughout the learning process and leads by example. An enthusiastic participant and a role model both inside and outside the classroom, Vaishali’s endeavours will surely make a strong, positive impact on society’s relationship with forests especially in places where it may be needed the most. 

Georgina Magnus


Georgina Magnus is a model for professionalism in the MSFM program and exemplifies the qualities of Binkley award recipients. She emerged as a clear leader through high academic achievement combined with productive engagement in all class and team activities which addressed the complexities of forest management.  Congratulations, Georgina!

Virginia Hang


Virginia Hang has been an exceptional student in the MUFL program. In addition to holding the highest average of the cohort in term 1, she has been a positive ‘force’ in the cohort, always motivated and supportive. She took on a leadership role when we started developing a ‘brand’ (and logo) that encourages a wider reach and communication for the program. Finally, she is a student who made the biggest ‘jump’ from her background in planning and development to MUFL’s focus on interdisciplinary perspectives in Urban Forestry. As a volunteer for an Ontario-based conservation organization, her passion for urban nature and for ‘greening’ the planning and development sectors has been a key motivation for joining MUFL.

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