Congratulations to the Recipients of 2020/21 Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship

Scholarships totaling approximately $15,000 are awarded annually to one outstanding student in each of the Faculty of Forestry’s Professional Master’s programs (MGEM, MIF, MSFM). Eligibility criteria include high academic standing, as well as demonstrating exceptional engagement and leadership within their cohort.

Congratulations to the 2020/21 recipients of the Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship

Ramon Melser (MGEM)

Ramon Melser

During the program Ramon has embodied being a class leader. Beyond being the class representative, he has hosted (or initiated) group activities and is always cognizant of his classmates and actively searches out ways to help. He is quick to share information, ask questions and participate during class. His engagement and leadership, in addition to achieving academic excellence, demonstrate his deservedness of this award.

Julie Aeyelts (MIF)

Julie Aeyelts

Julie Aeyelts has shown leadership, tolerance and exceptional engagement with the entire cohort of the 2020 MIF program. She shared her “real life” experiences from her past work in Africa, the Middle East and Canada with everyone and related this experience to the issues being discussed during the course. She is a good example of the qualities that the Binkley ambassadors are expected to demonstrate. Julie showed the value of a career in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary background – she bridged the divide between public health and international forestry. She contributed to a better understanding of approaches to achieving vibrancy of forest landscapes and the people who inhabit them.

Hannah Crisp (MSFM)

Hannah Crisp

In the MSFM program Hannah Crisp exemplifies the qualities of the Brinkley award recipients. Her academic excellence is clear, not only through the high academic average achieved, but also through her engagement in class and the ability to ask thoughtful questions that dive into the complexities of forest management.

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