Inclusive Innovation Action Fund

The Faculty of Forestry, proudly among the most diverse units on campus, is pleased to announce the Inclusive Innovation Action Fund – an availability of funds to launch small creative endeavors designed to help us move beyond diversity and towards inclusion. Funding is available for multiple projects and we expect individual project requests to fall within the range of $250-$500.

What are Inclusive Innovations

We encourage ideas from applicants wishing to embark on creative bold new ideas unlikely to get funding through other means (for example, purchase of books for a reading group on neurodiversity, an art project, a field trip to a high school or community, celebration of a holiday or significant event for marginalized communities). Innovation – in terms of the topics addressed or the mode of “delivery”- is very much welcome.

How to Apply for the Inclusive Innovation Action Fund

Applications are welcome from all members of the Faculty of Forestry community: students (undergraduates and/or graduate students), staff and faculty. Applications from a single research lab group are strongly encouraged to consider ways to build bridges to other labs or other groups.

Applicants should submit a brief (less than 1 page) description of the activity explaining its links to building an inclusive environment, as well as a description of the people involved in leading the activity, people likely to benefit, along with a proposed budget.

Applications closed on December 10, 2019. However, please email any questions to Sarah Gergel (, Associate Dean of Diversity & Inclusion for the Faculty of Forestry.

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