UBC Forestry Partners with NEC to Provide Students with Degree Opportunities

Students studying Indigenous Land Stewardship at the Native Education College (NEC) in Vancouver can now transfer their certificate into three different programs offered by UBC’s Faculty of Forestry. 

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The new partnership agreement allows students to count the Indigenous Land Stewardship certificate from NEC towards a degree in one of three programs, including a Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Forest Resources Management; Bachelor of Science, Natural Resources Conservation; and Bachelor of Urban Forestry. 

NEC Instructor and Coordinator David Tracey notes the value of an agreement between the two post-secondary institutions. “In partnering with UBC, NEC students will have the opportunity to hone their skills, grow their knowledge base, and become leaders in land stewardship, while actively working towards building a better future for all.” 

“NEC’s Indigenous Land Stewardship program offers students an in-depth education that serves as an excellent basis for further studies in the Faculty of Forestry,” notes Dr Rob Kozak, Professor and Associate Dean, Academic. 

Incoming students will gain the knowledge and experience necessary for a career in forestry. While UBC’s degree programs allow students to explore and grow proficient within their given field, they also build upon the Indigenous values, histories, knowledge and cultures that are central to NEC. 

About the Native Education College 

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Founded in 1967, Native Education College offers Indigenous students the schooling and support necessary to thrive in a broad range of exciting fields and careers, while keeping in line with values intrinsic to BC First Nations communities. Along with top-rate academic instruction, NEC focuses on community, history, and the principles of their Elders, to protect their spirituality, their culture, and their land. 

To learn more about the ILS program at NEC, visit the Indigenous Land Stewardship page.

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About the UBC Faculty of Forestry

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