Suzanne Simard’s research questions practice of killing off broadleaf plants to help confiers grow

An article in the Globe and Mail highlights research from Professor Suzanne Simard's which questions the practice of spraying herbicides to remove plants thought to be choking out valuable conifers.

Unique Olympic Designs Create Interest in B.C. Trees

The VANOC Olympic Podia and Tray project (which CAWP was part of) was recently nominated as a Finalist for the Premier’s Award Promoting Innovation and Excellence.  The award ceremonies were held in Victoria in early June. Watch the presentation: YouTube Video: Premier\’s Award Provincial Finalist

Professor Steve Mitchell Op-ed in Vancouver Sun: We need a new vision to manage B.C.’s forests

Excerpt: The last time there was a broad public dialogue on forest policy in B.C. was during the Pearse Royal Commission in 1976. Since that time, we have experienced an unprecedented mountain pine beetle epidemic, the Kelowna and Lillooet firestorms, the War of the Woods in Clayoquot Sound, and a decline in the traditional forest […]

Forestry Graduate, Cornelius Motsa, featured in UBC Reports: Weighing forest conservation and need

From: UBC Reports | Vol. 57 | No. 5 | May. 6, 2011 Weighing forest conservation and need By Heather Amos Forests of his youth drive a passion for trees When Cornelius Motsa got the call to his home in Swaziland that he was accepted into UBC’s Forestry program and was the winner of an […]

Prof. Suzanne Simard talks about “Mother Trees”

Just like in Avatar, forests depend on Mother Trees for support. Prof. Suzanne Simard explains how trees are connected through an underground web of fungi.

Spring Graduation

It’s that time of year again when another group of eager students cross the stage to receive their diplomas. Following the graduation ceremony, the Faculty will be hosting a reception for graduates and their families and we’d love to have our alumni in attendance as well. If you’re interested in joining us for the cake […]

Scott Hinch’s research on salmon adaptation to climate change cover story in April issue of Science

Media Release | Mar. 31, 2011 Some populations of Fraser River salmon more likely to survive climate change: UBC study Populations of Fraser River sockeye salmon are so fine-tuned to their environment that any further environmental changes caused by climate change could lead to the disappearance of some populations, while others may be less affected, […]