UBC Forestry Part of North American Research Project Combating Climate Change

Dominik Roeser - one of the researchers working together to de-escalate the impact of wildfires caused by climate change
Dominik Roeser

UBC Forestry professors Dr Lori Daniels and Dr Dominik Roeser have been named co-principal investigators of a North American research team who are working together to de-escalate the impact of forest wildfires that are increasingly occurring due to climate change. Simultaneously, the group, which includes scientists from UBC Forestry, Canadian Forest Service and the USDA Forest Service, is working collaboratively to strengthen the development of a forest-based bio-economy in BC.

The BC-based, university-directed institute, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), recently announced the $1 million four-year theme partnership project entitled Wildfire and Carbon: Increasing the resilience of BC’s forests to climate change.

Lori Daniels
Lori Daniels

Daniels describes the project as “aiming for transformative change.”


“We envisage a future where the goals of fire risk reduction, bio-economy, emissions reduction and increased resilience of the forests to climate change can be quantified, evaluated, managed and achieved. Being able to share our Canadian and US expertise, analytical tools and data is incredibly important for ensuring the resilience of our Pacific Northwest forests, including the coastal, mountain and boreal forest landscapes.”


To learn more about the project, visit pics.uvic.ca.

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