Interview with Bari Hanus, Natural Resources Conservation student

Bari Hanus is a fourth-year student in the B.Sc. Natural Resources Conservation Program, majoring in Science and Management and is also a Forestry Co-op student. In our interview with her, she shares her story about why she chose this program and her experiences throughout her time at UBC Forestry.

Q: What drew you to UBC Forestry and the Natural Resources Conservation program?

“I was drawn to UBC forestry because of the unique programs that it offers.

“The Natural Resource Conservation Program has a broad focus on many environmental, and societal challenges.”

With an expansive focus on many issues, you are able to find your niche and explore certain issues and topics you are more interested in. Many of these programs have the opportunity to obtain professional designations, in addition to my degree. I wanted a program that I could see myself utilizing in the future and as we move towards a more sustainable future, and the Natural Resource Conservation program was a good fit for me.”

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about your Co-op experience so far at UBC Forestry? What has been your favourite part of Co-op so far? 

“Throughout my co-op experience, I have really enjoyed being able to try out various types of jobs within the natural resource industry. I enjoy being able to gain practical field experience while working on my degree, and it has given me the opportunity to gain skills that will help me in my future career path and create connections within the industry. My favourite part of Co-op has been working as a forestry field technician for Coastal Natural Resource Management. I have really enjoyed the amazing learning opportunities and am grateful for the skills that I have learned through this experience.”

Q: What areas/topics of study are you most interested in right now? What inspires and motivates you? 

“I’m really interested in learning more sustainable forestry practices. Being in the field and outdoors inspires me. Moreover, I’m also interested in pursuing Registered Professional Foresters (RPF) and Registered Professional Biologist (RPBio).”

Q: What is the most interesting/cool/favourite thing you’ve learned from your classes so far?

“My favourite thing I’ve learned from my classes is plant identification! It has become a very useful skill in the field. I have enjoyed studying forest plant biology-related courses – FRST 200 and FRST 201. I’ve also appreciated learning about climate change and its complex challenges.”

Q: What kind of impact do you hope to make in the future, with your background in Natural Resources Conservation? 

“As a woman in STEM, I hope to make a positive impact and inspire more women to join the natural resource industry. According to the ABCFP’s 2021 annual report, 22.3% of people in the forestry profession are women, and I hope to be a part of the change that creates more opportunities and spaces for women to excel.”

Q: Do you have any advice for incoming Forestry students?

“Join the Co-op program! It’s a great way to gain practical work experience while continuing to work on your degree. Set goals for yourself and network with others however much you can. Ask lots of questions and take everything as a learning experience. Take advantage of the opportunities around you and that the Faculty of Forestry provides students with.”

Bari Hanus touching red flowers

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