The Role of Nature in Improving the Health of a Population

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Author(s): Matilda van den Bosch
Published in: Oxford University Press (January, 2018)
URL: Oxford University Press

Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health

There are various health benefits linked to being able to access to nature; including increased physical activity, stress recovery, and improved cognitive development. The Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health provides a broad and inclusive picture of the relationship between health and different natural environments. All aspects of this unique relationship are covered, ranging from disease prevention and treatment to ecosystem services, such as climate change adaptation by urban trees. Potential hazardous consequences are also discussed including natural disasters, vector-borne pathogens, and allergies.

This book analyses the complexity of our human interaction with nature and includes sections on, for example, epigenetics, stress physiology, and impact assessments. These topics are all interconnected and fundamental for reaching a full understanding of the role of nature in public health and wellbeing.

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