Lead Faculty:

Dr Nicholas Coops

MGEM Program Director
Instructor: GEM520 and GEM521

Canada Research Chair in Remote Sensing
Head of Integrated Remote Sensing Studio (IRSS)
Forest Resources Management

My main research focus is the use of remote sensing technology to assess forest resources, both for conservation and production applications. I am specifically interested in advanced forest inventory techniques using high spatial resolution optical remote sensing imagery and LIDAR, use of remote sensing for the ecosystem and carbon accumulation modeling for biodiversity, production and greenhouse calculations, and detection of damaging agents in forests using spectral forest condition mapping.

In MGEM I am one of the faculty mentors and teach introductory and advanced remote sensing courses.

Some papers you may find interesting which I have been working on with my research lab include:

Hermosilla, Txomin; Wulder, Michael A.; White, Joanne C.; Coops, Nicholas C.; Hobart, Geordie W. (2017) Updating Landsat time series of surface-reflectance composites and forest change products with new observations INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATION AND GEOINFORMATION . 63, 104-111

Coops, Nicholas C.; Hermosilla, Txomin; Hilker, Thomas; Black, T. Andrew (2017) Linking stand architecture with canopy reflectance to estimate vertical patterns of light-use efficiency REMOTE SENSING OF ENVIRONMENT . 194, 322-330

Bolton, Douglas K.; Coops, Nicholas C.; Hermosilla, Txomin; Wulder, Michael A.; White, Joanne C. (2017) Assessing variability in post-fire forest structure along gradients of productivity in the Canadian boreal using multi-source remote sensing JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY . 44, 1294-1305

Rickbeil, Gregory J. M.; Hermosilla, Txomin; Coops, Nicholas C.; White, Joanne C.; Wulder, Michael A. (2017) Barren-ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus) behaviour after recent fire events; integrating caribou telemetry data with Landsat fire detection techniques GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY . 23, 1036-1047

Goodbody, Tristan R. H.; Coops, Nicholas C.; Tompalski, Piotr; Crawford, Patrick; Day, Ken J. K. (2017) Updating residual stem volume estimates using ALS-and UAV-acquired stereo-photogrammetric point clouds INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING . 38, 2938-2953

Tompalski, P., Coops N.C., White, J.C., Wulder, M.A. (2015). Augmenting Site Index Estimation with Airborne Laser Scanning Data Forest Science (60) dx.doi.org/10.5849/forsci.14-175

Coops, N.C., Fontana, F., Wulder, M.A (2014). Monitoring National-Scale Indirect Indicators of Biodiversity Using a Long Time-Series of Remotely Sensed Imagery Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 41(3)1 – 14

Coops NC, Nilker T, Hall FG, Nichol CJ, Drolet GG (2011). Estimation of Light-use Efficiency of Terrestrial Ecosystem from Space: A Status Report Bioscience 60(10):788-797

Kathleen Coupland

MGEM Program Coordinator

PhD Candidate – Forest Resources Management

My role within the MGEM community is to coordinate the MGEM program and provide general support to both students and the teaching team. I have been connected to UBC Forestry’s professional masters programs since 2014 when I was a student in the Masters of Sustainable Forest Management (MSFM).

My research is focused on outdoor forestry education. Specifically, I am examining how local urban forests can be better utilized and identifying a methodology for connecting forestry education objectives to different urban forest characteristics. This research combines quantitative and qualitative methods, with a LiDAR canopy analysis of every tree on UB campus and questionnaire and interviews to develop a robust understanding of outdoor education potential.

Kathleen Coupland

Dr Sarah Gergel

Instructor: GEM500 and GEM599

Associate Professor
Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion
Head of Landscape Ecology Lab
Forest Conservation Sciences

Research focus areas:

  • Mapping and quantifying ecosystem services
  • Social-ecological landscapes and resilience
  • Historical dynamics of large river-floodplains
  • Mapping & monitoring with First Nations
  • High-resolution image analysis (satellite imagery and historical aerial photographs)

Support Faculty:

Dr Bianca Eskelson

Instructor: GEM540

Assistant Professor
Forest Measurements and Biometrics
Forest Resources Management

Research focus areas:

  • Estimation of disturbance effects
  • Recovery dynamics after disturbance
  • Spatial copula models
  • Nearest neighbor imputation

Dr Michael Meitner

Instructor: GEM510

Associate Professor
Institute for Computing Information and Cognitive Systems (ICICS)
Forest Resources Management

Research focus areas:

  • Public perception-based assessment of aesthetic resources
  • Structured decision making and non-market valuation techniques
  • Environmental visualization and geographic information systems
  • Sustainability planning and public engagement