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Research Interests by Department

Following is a list of members of the Faculty of Forestry and their areas of research:

Forest Resources Management Department

Suborna Ahmed Forest Biometrics
Younes Alila Forest Engineering Hydrology
Janette Bulkan Indigenous Forestry
Gary BullForest Economics and Forest Policy
Cole BurtonWildlife Ecology and Conservation
Nicholas CoopsRemote Sensing and Spatial Data Modeling in Forestry and Ecology
Susan DayUrban Soil, Stormwater Management, Greeninfrastructure Design
Deborah DeLongSustainable Forest Management
Bianca EskelsonForest Biometrics
Holger GriessForest Operations
Verena GriessForest Management
Shannon HagermanSocial Ecological Systems
John InnesSustainable Forest Management, Cumulative Impacts Analysis, First Nations
Trevor JonesGeomatics for Environmental Management
Cecil KonijnendijkUrban Forestry
Valerie LeMayBiometrics/Mensuration
Kevin LyonsForest Engineering
Peter MarshallGrowth and Yield, Sampling Design
Michael MeitnerEnvironmental Perception and Visualization, Recreation and GIS
David MontwéSilviculture
Harry NelsonForest Economics and Forest policy
Lorien NesbittUrban Forestry, Environmental Justice, Public Health
William NikolakisAboriginal and Natural Resources Law
Dominik RoeserForest & Wildfire Operations
Stephen Sheppard Visual Management, Planning, Visualization
Fernanda Tomaselli Environmental Communication, Community Forestry
Andrés Varhola Course Development, Forest Management, Hydrology and Remote Sensing
Hisham ZerriffiEnergy

Forest and Conservation Sciences Department

Sally Aitken Forest Genetics and Gene Conservation
Andrew Almas Urban Forestry
Peter Arcese Population Ecology of Birds and Mammals
Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono Tropical Landscapes and Livelihoods, Traditional Knowledge and Conservation
Jörg Bohlmann Molecular Genetics, Genomics and Biochemistry of Forest Trees
Allan Carroll Forest Entomology
Christopher ChanwaySoil Microbiology
Patrick CulbertLandscape Ecology
Lori DanielsForest Dynamics, Disturbance Regimes and Dendrochronology
Jonathan Davies Phylogenic ecology and biodiversity conservation
Sue GraystonSoil Microbial Ecology
Yousry El-KassabyQuantitative Genetics
Sarah aGergelWatershed Landscape Ecology
Susan GraystonSoil Microbial Ecology
Robert GuyPlant Physiology
Richard HamelinForest Pathology
Scott Hinch Aquatic Ecology and Fish Conservation
Maja KrzicSoil Science
Suzie LavalleeInsect Ecology and Conservation
Kathy Martin Avian Ecology and Conservation
Tara Martin Conservation Decision Science
Athena McKownTree Biology, Genomics & Physiology
Steve Mitchell Silviculture
Cindy Prescott Forest Nutrition
Jeanine RhemtullaLandscape Ecology
John Richardson Stream-Riparian Ecosystems
Kermit Ritland Population and Quantitative Genetics
Emily RubidgeSeascape Ecology and Conservation
Jeff SayerTropical Forest Conservation
Terry SunderlandTropical Forestry and Food Security
Suzanne Simard Forest Ecology and Silvics
Matilda van den BoschNature, Outdoor Spaces, and Public Health
Tongli WangForest Genecology and Climate Change Adaptation
Elizabeth WolkovichCommunity Ecology & Climate Change

Wood Science Department

Stavros Avramidis Wood Physics and Drying
David CohenForest Products Marketing and Management
Julie CoolWood Machining
Emily CranstonInterfacial Engineering of Nanocellulose and Bio-based Advanced Materials
Chunping DaiWood and Bamboo Composite Materials
Philip EvansPhotoprotection and Modification of Wood
Robert Fürst Manufacture of Secondary Wood Products
Christopher GastonForest Products Marketing and Economics
Feng JiangAdvanced Carbohydrate Chemistry and Sustainable Functional Biomaterials
Robert Kozak Sustainable Business Management
Frank Lam Wood Mechanics
Tara Lee Communications and Academic Writing
Vincent LeungComputer Aided Design & Manufacture of Wood Products
Cristiano LossTimber Engineering
Shawn Mansfield Biotechnology and Chemistry of Wood Fibres
Scott RenneckarAdvanced Renewable Materials
Jack SaddlerForest Products Biotechnology
Gregory Smith Wood Composites
Taraneh Sowlati Operational Research, Performance Assessment