Aaron Ng (Urban Forestry)

Sunflower Picker at Sunrise Floral in Surrey, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op student, Aaron Ng, is standing with a tool in a field.

On my first work term, I worked as a sunflower picker for Sunrise Floral in Surrey, BC. My duties were to plant sunflower seeds, pulling weeds from around the sunflowers, and to cut and bunch the sunflowers when they are finished growing. I planted seeds in May, and harvested the sunflowers in late July. I was able to learn about the harvesting process and how local farms prepare flowers for sale to companies who order them. I also learned about field maintenance and the role it plays in keeping the sunflowers healthy. The Co-op program has allowed me to gain valuable experience through this job opportunity, and I encourage anyone who wants work experience in the Forestry sector to join the program.

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